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With host Dr Nirala Jacobi BHSc ND, Chief Medical Officer,

Feb 1, 2017

Dr Nirala Jacobi speaks with Dr Donna Beck, Naturopathic Doctor, with over 20 years of clinical experience at her integrative medicine private practice in Portland, Oregon.  Dr Beck specialises in the customisation of bioidentical hormone therapy, and digestive disorders.  Today Dr Beck talks to us all about salicylate sensitivity - a condition that can be implicated with SIBO.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • What are salicylates, and what foods are they in?
  • What causes the tip of balance in our bodies into salicylate sensitivity?
  • The role of stress in the onset of salicylate sensitivity.
    • Metabolic acidosis, respiratory alkalosis, immune dysregulation.
  • Salicylate sensitivity and how it can be implicated with SIBO.
  • What naturopathic medicines contain salicylates?
  • The diverse symptoms that can present with salicylate sensitivity.
  • Treatment options for salicylate sensitivity.
    • The crucial role of minerals in salicylate treatment.
    • Symptomatic relief from acute sensitivities.
  • Enzyme deficiencies and unique treatment options using single enzyme therapy.
  • Digestive flora and the role of species destruction in sensitivity development.
  • The relationship of yeast overgrowth to sensitivity development.
  • Salicylate sensitivities as a treatable metabolic phenomenon rather than a chronic condition.
  • Monitoring strategies to test sensitivity treatment progress.
  • Diet resources for salicylate sensitive patients.
  • Common foods high and low in salicylates.
  • Therapeutic herbs that are high, and low in salicylates.
  • Topical considerations for salicylate sensitivities
  • How salicylates are metabolised and how to support these pathways with diet.
  • Salt as a major driver of acidity.
  • Food reintroduction strategies for patients are or have been quite restricted.
  • Buteyko breathing before meals.
  • Testing options and recommendations.
  • Are parasitic infections implicated in salicylate sensitivity?
  • Water quality and pH requirements for best digestive health.
  • Planetary stress and how this is impacting salicylate production in plants.


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