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With host Dr Nirala Jacobi BHSc ND, Chief Medical Officer,

Dec 7, 2021

Five years ago we launched our very first episode of The SIBO Doctor Podcast!  Today we revisit the testing considerations in SIBO to see if anything has developed over the last five years.

Show notes

When to Test for...

Oct 28, 2021

With me today is Dr. Victoria Sampson, a very accomplished dentist who has been on the forefront of change in dentistry, publishing several studies about the oral microbiome and the relationship between the mouth and the body.

We all know about the gut microbiome, the skin, but the oral microbiome is a very special one,...

Sep 24, 2021

My guest is Dr. Joshua Goldenberg, who is a researcher, teacher, naturopathic doctor, and founder of the Dr. Journal Club, LLC.   He's an active researcher with numerous prestigious publications, and his research focuses on SIBO, irritable bowel syndrome, evidence-informed practice, and research methodology. He is a...

Jun 29, 2021

Today I will be talking to you about common SIBO treatment mistakes that I encounter in my practice.

May 14, 2021

After dealing with her own health issues, Shivan made it her mission to demystify her condition and to share that information with others who were struggling. Her special skill is finding and connecting with the leading expert doctors and connecting those experts with the people who need their help. And she has...